On snow and loneliness

Have you ever thought how lonely people can find comfort in snow and in connection with nature? Here’s my story.

A friend in Covid is a friend indeed

One never knows what his life will bring, that is why writing a diary helps. It also helps you with memory loss when you need to remember who your true friend is.

Travelling in times of Corona virus

What happens when things that happened hours ago can already be radically different and a trip planned six months ago, ancient history? Are we able to stop our human machinery and is COVID-19 just deus ex machina to the play we have so carefully designed?

It does not get easier, you just…

I am always naively expecting that somehow things would get easier. Maybe I was reading too many fairy tales that promised a ‘happily ever after’ or something. Whatever it was, it made me permanently hopeful (read: damaged) for some things to get easier when you get older, when you move to another, of course a…

Vejice ne rešujejo več življenj

“Če želite spoznati in vzljubiti svojo domovino, pojdite v tujino.” Neznan avtor Spet v tujini, s svojimi mislimi, težavami ali pa rešitvami, ki tujca ne zanimajo. Tokrat sem v Litvi, baltski deželi na severu Evrope. Tukaj sem zaradi službe, ker je država zelo lepa (vsaj pomladi in poleti, v tem letnem času precej manj) in imam…