Our dream trip to Canada vs Coronavirus

Should we really go? To be honest we were not thinking of not going to Vancouver and we didn’t realise how serious it was until the borders started closing. And that was not the day before the travel. My boyfriend left to Frankfurt one day earlier and stayed with my friend Sarah, who was really…

Travelling in times of Corona virus

What happens when things that happened hours ago can already be radically different and a trip planned six months ago, ancient history? Are we able to stop our human machinery and is COVID-19 just deus ex machina to the play we have so carefully designed?

Moldova – why would you go there?

Why would you go to Moldova? was a common question from the Moldovans living abroad. After two weeks spent there I can say I understand this question. But I have my answers, too, and an ecouragement – go and visit this hidden European gem if you want to see something that other European countries don’t have anymore.