A friend in Covid is a friend indeed

One never knows what his life will bring, that is why writing a diary helps. It also helps you with memory loss when you need to remember who your true friend is.

Our dream trip to Canada vs Coronavirus

Should we really go? To be honest we were not thinking of not going to Vancouver and we didn’t realise how serious it was until the borders started closing. And that was not the day before the travel. My boyfriend left to Frankfurt one day earlier and stayed with my friend Sarah, who was really…

Travelling in times of Corona virus

What happens when things that happened hours ago can already be radically different and a trip planned six months ago, ancient history? Are we able to stop our human machinery and is COVID-19 just deus ex machina to the play we have so carefully designed?

Recharge, rethink, recycle, restore

When you have only two days of free time go out and recharge your batteries – go to the nature, travel eco-friendly and meet good people. It does miracles to your well-being. I felt rewired after a weekend in Latvia.

It does not get easier, you just…

I am always naively expecting that somehow things would get easier. Maybe I was reading too many fairy tales that promised a ‘happily ever after’ or something. Whatever it was, it made me permanently hopeful (read: damaged) for some things to get easier when you get older, when you move to another, of course a…

Because now you are a mom

I’ve lost my voice again. Every time it happens, there is a feeling of hopelessness that I’ll ever get it back. I have this recurrent dream that I’m falling from the sky, kind of like Alice down the rabbit hole, and I keep my mouth open screaming things I would like others to hear, but…

On snow and loneliness

Have you ever thought how lonely people can find comfort in snow and in connection with nature? Here’s my story.

Anche se non so tante cose, ce la farò

Vi siete mai trovati in un Purgatorio delle scelte che avete fatto e non potevate nè uscire nè continuare? Mi limito in particolare alle scelte degli studi. Siete appassionati di un ambito degli studi, ma siete continuamente delusi dalle vostre incapacità, dalle delusioni, dai professori o altro? Vi capisco perché lo ero anch’io. Per tanti anni ho pensato di aver sbagliato la lingua che ho iniziato a studiare. E poi, forse per caso, e passo dopo passo, ho capito che non era cosi, che anch’io ne ero capace. Yes, I can. E potete esserlo anche voi! Leggendo il mio percorso, capirete come e cosa fare per superare le paure e gli ostacoli. Siamo nei tempi quando abbiamo abbastanza tempo per la riflessione e credo di poter aiutare qualcuno con le scelte degli studi di lingua.


Amazing article and photos. I have a tattoo of a dragonfly and it has always meant something special to me – a symbol of light, transformation and endurance – an animal that survived centuries. It lifts me up in difficult times.

Words without meaning*

How is meaning conveyed today? Why do we make new words and how does that change our reality? People always tend to hide something behinds words, but what happens when words do not really have a meaning or is there no such thing as ‘no meaning’?