Recharge, rethink, recycle, restore

When you have only two days of free time go out and recharge your batteries – go to the nature, travel eco-friendly and meet good people. It does miracles to your well-being. I felt rewired after a weekend in Latvia.

It does not get easier, you just…

I am always naively expecting that somehow things would get easier. Maybe I was reading too many fairy tales that promised a ‘happily ever after’ or something. Whatever it was, it made me permanently hopeful (read: damaged) for some things to get easier when you get older, when you move to another, of course a…


Originally posted on Earthwalking:
I had just finished putting the finishing touches to an article I was writing.  Word choice, tempo, spacing.  It all felt good.  I glanced over at the clock and it was a little past noon.  Noon!!  Holy crap!  How did it get to be noon?  The last time I looked at…

Words without meaning*

How is meaning conveyed today? Why do we make new words and how does that change our reality? People always tend to hide something behinds words, but what happens when words do not really have a meaning or is there no such thing as ‘no meaning’?

It’s the same everywhere

What is the main problem of young people in Europe today? This is not another youth guide on projects you can attend and how you can get a job! It is a real existential question that you need to answer yourself – if you are young in any way. Is it firstly to save our Planet or it is money?

Zakaj ne? Zakaj pa bi?

“Andreja, ti vse prevečkrat sprašuješ ‘zakaj’.” “Spet si imela preveč pričakovanj in je logično, da si razočarana.” “Kaj si pa misliš, da si? Ne pričakuj, da te bodo imeli vsi radi, tako pač je.” “Spet imaš prevelike cilje, premalo denarja, premalo znanja, preveč kilogramov.” “Končno ti je prišlo iz r*** v glavo. Končno si dojela!”…

Moldova – why would you go there?

Why would you go to Moldova? was a common question from the Moldovans living abroad. After two weeks spent there I can say I understand this question. But I have my answers, too, and an ecouragement – go and visit this hidden European gem if you want to see something that other European countries don’t have anymore.

Vejice ne rešujejo več življenj

“Če želite spoznati in vzljubiti svojo domovino, pojdite v tujino.” Neznan avtor Spet v tujini, s svojimi mislimi, težavami ali pa rešitvami, ki tujca ne zanimajo. Tokrat sem v Litvi, baltski deželi na severu Evrope. Tukaj sem zaradi službe, ker je država zelo lepa (vsaj pomladi in poleti, v tem letnem času precej manj) in imam…